Rishikesh Joshi

An engineer by profession and a writer at heart, Rishikesh had been writing for over a decade. His writes regularly for newspapers and magazines. Rishikesh has been active on social media, where many follow his page.

‘First Day, Last Show’ was his first book which was based on his experience as a film lover. The second book, ‘Once Again at the Airport’ draws on various anecdotal experiences of air travel.

Rishikesh has a distinct style of writing laced with subtle humour, which has been liked by the readers. Be it an article in magazine or a movie review or a book, you may find some common threads.

Rishikesh lives in Mumbai with his family. He served a long innings with L&T, an Indian multinational and logged off as Vice President Corporate Center. Now he lends his expertise as the lead consultant for ChangeNiti, a consultancy in Organizational Change Management. He has been successful in balancing his demands of a corporate life and his literary pursuits.

He has few more books in pipeline, which readers would eagerly await.



First Day, Last Show

Impressions of a Film Lover

“Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost”

Lines from well-remembered films, are part of the currency of our everyday speech. Cinematic scenes are unforgettably etched in our minds. Yes, we don’t just watch movies, we internalize them.

How many times your experience of a movie was very different from the reviews you read? You wonder if they were written more objectively and someone like you could tell what to expect? Here is an attempt.

First Day, Last Show takes you through an engrossing journey of movies seen through the eyes of a common cinemagoer. The book is a bouquet of impressions about films gathered over a period of four years.

You will relate to these reviews easily, even if you have not seen the movie earlier. If you love movies, you will love reading this book.

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Once Again at the Airport

I opened Rishikesh’s book with a bit of doubt in my mind. The title suggested that the book was about airports. Airports are nice, cool, comfortable and mostly busy. However, that couldn't be the subject of a book!

But, my curiosity forced me to read on and I must confess I could not put it down. Rishikesh has narrated his experiences at various airports in an extremely humorous manner. His style is simple and touches the heart. His keen observations about airports, airplanes, shops, departure gates and most importantly the behaviour of people around make the book a delightful read that is enjoyable and educative at the same time.

It is a fun read indeed! So don’t wait. Take off and enjoy!!!

–Achyut Godbole, Celebrated English and Marathi author

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Reader’s Review

Thoroughly Enjoyable

A thoroughly enjoyable book . Written in an easy style in everyday spoken English the book is laced with great deal of humour and personal anecdotes.The short and crisp movie reviews are easy to relate to and the tongue in Cheek humour makes you laugh. For example in the review of "Te3N" Page 19 a remark " Looking at Vidya Balan you realize she has come a long way and many kilograms from her role in Parinita". and page 21 review of "Houseful 3" : "Rating ? well we held back temptation to walk out of the theatre twice ,so 2.0". Truly the "impressions of a film lover"


Rishikesh at his best in humour!

After reading his first book, First Day, Last Show, a book on his reviews of several Bollywood films, I bought this one with a sceptic mind. Bollywood movies was not my scene, but definitely, flying and airports! At the first instance, the book was well prepared and salute to Notion Press. The book came in a short precise way!

The author has mastered in writing humour ! not an easy attribute! The subtle and several times, straight forward humour, he excelled beyond expectations ons! Apart from humour, the author painstakingly, took his journey of a flight flier from the times of Corporate priveleges to that of a present day modern Indians means of transport! The author unabashedly, brought out those middle class values and practices ( flashing those baggage tags on your boxes) of those times, where an average Indian was elevated from 2nd AC train to flying! The authors anchor at this middle class value, gives an impetus to read this book!
After all, the author was steering our journey from 3rd class train to 2nd AC to 1st AC and then to a flight!
Mostly, he has succeeded ! Will wait for his next book!

-An Amazon customer


First Day, Last Show

Impressions of a Film Lover

You will relate to these reviews easily, even if you have not seen the movie earlier. If you love movies, you will love reading this book.

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